財神傳奇Cai Shen Chuan Qi

《財神傳奇Cai Shen Chuan Qi》 – MyCard online Philippines payment top up guide 遊戲官網 網頁儲值 APK下載 遊戲新聞

《財神傳奇Cai Shen Chuan Qi》 – MyCard online Philippines payment top up guide

Cai Shen Chuan Qi Game Features

Cai Shen Chuan Qi is an original licensed game from The Legend of Mir (熱血傳奇IP).


Unlike existing blockchain games, Cai Shen Chuan Qi retains the characteristics of an RPG and forms a game that increases profitability based on specific gameplay.

Gamers can earn game tokens based on their contribution to different gameplay, and all gamers have the opportunity to earn game tokens. For example, various gameplay and competition, growth, etc., gamers also can mine game token i.e. diamond from basic gameplay. According to the characteristics of MMORPG, gamers can compete for profit and earn game tokens every week according to the result of their competition.


In addition, the publisher intended to provide more than 70% of game tokens to players and promise to reduce the company’s involvement in game.

So that an economic market of game tokens among gamers can be created.


To conclude, Cai Shen Chuan Qi is different from the existing blockchain games, providing convenience and constructing a new game genre that allows gamers to create their own game token economy.


MyCard top up guide with online payment


MyCard top up guide with online payment



(1) Click here to go to top up page. Login to your game account.


(2) Click the “+” sign next to the diamond icon in the upper right corner.


(3) Select the amount you want to top up.


(4) The available payment methods vary depending on your location. Click “More” as shown by the arrow in the image, to switch to the payment method for each country/region.


(5) choose「Philippines Payment」.


(6) Select「GCash(PHP)」(This tutorial takes e-wallet as an example)。


(7) Enter your email and phone number, then click Next.


(8) Please confirm the transaction information, then click Submit.


(9) Enter your phone number to login GCash, then click confirm to finish payment。


(10) After finish transaction, you will receive text from GCash.