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MyCard online Philippines payment top up guide 遊戲官網 網頁儲值 遊戲新聞

Hundred soul MyCard Philippines online payment top up guide


★ Top up with MyCard, get attractive prizes!

Event time

2021/10/27(15:00) – 2021/11/23(23:59)

About Event

During the event period, use online payment methods to purchase the specified denomination of MyCard Points, and successfully top up into the Hundred Soul game account. Then, you will get game prizes depending on the denomination you top up, as follows. (The Prizes are limited.)

※Attention! This event can only be followed by online top up through the game’s Top up website

The Value of MyCard Points Limited Prizes Get Prizes
MyCard 890 points 3,000,000 Gold, 10 Crowns( Limited to 100 sets) The entrance for 890 points
MyCard 2690 points 1,000 Emeralds, 3 Sealed Enchant Boxes, 30 Crowns( Limited to 100 sets) The entrance for 2690 points


How to get MyCard event prizes:

1. Click the Entrance Button above according to your top-up domination, then login to your MyCard member account.
2. If you top up via an online payment method, you can Search online purchase transactions for your transaction code, then enter the user number and transaction code to participate in the event.
3. Attention! The “Prizes code” awarded from this event will be displayed directly on the event’s website page.
4. If you are not a verified MyCard member yet, please register for a MyCard verified member account and complete the verification of your mobile number, to qualify for the event.

Terms and conditions
  1. This event is calculated according to the single top up domination.
  2. The Redemption period of the event prizes code is from the event starting date to January 31, 2022 at 23:59. You can only redeem event prizes code for each account with MyCard 890 and MyCard 2690 once each.
  3. To qualify for the event, you must use the purchase path, payment method and specified domination as determined from the event content. Attention! The unqualified top up will not be able to participate this event.
  4. 4. When the event cannot be held for some reason, Hundred Soul may decide to cancel, stop, modify or suspend the event and reward content.


MyCard top up guide with online payment


MyCard top up guide with online payment


(1) Go top up website(You can also click the link from Hundred soul Sea fan page), choice Southeast Asia sever and enter your Unique ID


(2) Choice the item you want from Drop-down menu,and click「buy」。


(3) choose「Philippines Payment」。


(4) Select「GCash(PHP)」(This tutorial takes e-wallet as an example)。


(5) Enter your email and phone number, then click Next.


(6) Please confirm the transaction information, then click Send Confirm


(7) Enter your phone number to login GCash, Pass the OTP process then click confirm to finish payment。


(8) After finish transaction, you will receive text from GCash.