Singapore & Malaysia MyCard top up guide 遊戲官網 網頁儲值 APK下載 主程式下載 遊戲新聞

MIR4 – Singapore & Malaysia MyCard top up guide


★ Top up with MyCard, get attractive prizes!

【Event time】

2021/08/26(12:00) – 2021/09/30(23:59)

【About Event】

During the event period, use online payment methods / MyCard Points / MyCard member point deductions, to purchase the specified value of MyCard Points, and successfully top up into the MIR 4 game account. Then, you will get game prizes depending on the value you top up, as follows.  (The Prizes are limited.)

The Value of MyCard Points Limited Prizes 領獎專區入口
MyCard 990 points 3 Uncommon Pills Packaging Box
(Epic Advance Pill *1, Epic Prosperity Pill *1, Epic Greed Pill *1)
The entrance for 990 points
MyCard 1690 points 3 Rare Pills Packaging Box
(Rare Advance Pill *1, Rare Prosperity Pill *1, Rare Greed Pill *1)
The entrance for 1690 points

※Attention! This event can only be followed by online top up through the game’s official website (not including top up from the PC version of the game).

How to get MyCard event prizes

1. Click the button above (entrance) depending on the value you top up, then login to your MyCard member account.
2. If you top up using an online payment method, you can go to Search for online purchase transactions to search for a transaction code, then enter the user number and transaction code to participate in the event.
3. Attention! The “Prizes code” awarded from this event will be displayed directly on the event’s website page.
4. If you are not yet a verified MyCard member, please register for a MyCard verified member account and complete the verification of your mobile number, then login to top up and participate in the event.

Terms and conditions

1. This event is calculated from the nominal amount of top up per transaction, and there are no restrictions on participation for each account.
2. The time limit for redeeming the event prizes code is until September 30, 2021 at 23:59. There is no limit to the number of redeem event prizes code for each account, but one prizes code can only be used once.
3. To qualify for the event, you must use the purchase path, payment method and top up value as determined from the event content. Attention! For top ups that use the purchase line or payment method that is not in accordance with the provisions, they will not be able to participate in this event.
4. When the event cannot be held for some reason, MIR4 may decide to cancel, stop, modify or suspend the event and reward content.

新加坡/馬來西亞MIR4 MyCard儲值教學(MyCard Reload Guide)


Android載點(Android Download)    iOS載點(iOS Download)    官方粉絲團(Facebook Page)    官網(Official Website)

(1) Visit the page
(1) 首先登入遊戲平台儲值網:https://forum.mir4global.com/webshop


2. Login your account
2. 登入帳號


3. Set representative character
3. 選擇欲儲值的【角色】


4. Select【Gold】that you intended to purchase
4. 選擇欲儲值的【金幣】


5. Malaysia user select【Malaysia Payment】
5. 馬來西亞玩家選擇【Malaysia Payment】


6. Select the payment method
6. 選擇想要使用的金流


7. Singapore user select【Singapore Payment】
7. 新加坡玩家選擇【Singapore Payment】


8. Enter your email and phone number, then click Proceed.
8. 輸入正確的名字,電話和電郵,點擊 Proceed。


9. Please confirm the transaction information, then click 【Send Confirm】.
9. 確認填寫資料無誤後,點擊【Send Confirm】.


10. Please follow the NETS Step to finish the payment。
10 請依據NETS步驟完成交易。


Shall you having any issues regarding MyCard Top Up, reach us at our official Facebook page or WhatsApp and leave us a message! Our customer service will reach back for you as soon as possible.

FB page:https://www.facebook.com/MyCardMalaysia

若您在使用MyCard儲值上有任何疑問,請前往MyCard Malaysia粉絲頁或者Whatsapp詢問,客服人員會在工作時間內儘早回覆。