MyCard Wallet Exclusive Gift Pack

Event Period

2023/08/17 (17:00) - 2023/08/31 (10:59), UTC+8

Event Detail

During the event period, MyCard member who top up the specified top up amount per transaction with MyCard Wallet to their Epic Seven game account will be eligible to receive the corresponding top up reward.

Redeem Limit

Each game account can only redeem the prize of the same top up amount 2 times.
Redeem Period: Until 2023/09/30 (22:59), UTC+8

Top Up Amount Prizes
All Top Up Amount Leif 3ea
1690 MyCard Points Greater Equipment Charm 3ea, Greater Accessory Charm 3ea, Leif 5ea
3290 MyCard Points Greater Equipment Charm 5ea, Greater Accessory Charm 5ea, Leif 10ea

Member Exclusive Reward

Member Exclusive Lucky Draw

Get 50,000 Points only with MyCard Wallet

Terms & Conditions

The "MyCard Wallet Exclusive Gift Pack" event is based on the top up amount with MyCard Wallet per transaction, there is no limit to the number of participation for each MyCard member. Prizes will be given while supplies last (limited stock).

After the event has begun, all participating players are deemed to have agreed to the content of the announcement, all event content, MyCard Points, prizes, MyCard cash coupon, discount coupons, cash coupons delivery method. The organizer reserves The right to modify the content of the above events and prizes, and the right to modify, cancel, suspend or terminate the event and prize content at their discretion.

This event's prize includes but not limited to game item, MyCard Points and MyCard cash coupons, etc. unless otherwise specified, they can only be used/redeemed once. The organizer and co-organizer have the right to block and handle the games and MyCard member accounts found to have abnormal use/redemption as necessary.

In addition to the above description, please refer to [Other Terms & Conditions] for more details.

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