2024/04/01 - 2024/04/30, GMT+8
Event Detail

During the event period, use the specified MyCard top up / redeem method to purchase / redeem game products with the specified top up amount in one transaction, and successfully top up to your Priston Tale M game account, then you can claim various Priston Tale M game item prizes through the Free Gift Area on the MyCard website.

Top Up Method Top Up Amount Prizes
Any MyCard Payment Method 500 Points Gold Box(100M Gold)*10, Upgrade Stone Selection Box*10, Selection Box*10, Rune Material Box*20, Elite Upgrade Supplement*10, Special Upgrade Supplement*5, Lv.10 Jewel Selection Box*5, Feather*50000, Trace of wind*5000, Great Life Potion*200, Great Mana Potion*200, Reforging Stone*1000, Blessed Reforging Stone*50, Luxurious Common Material Selection Box*10, Mardanos' Flame Fragment*2, Ahwel's Breath Fragment*2, Dungeon Recharging Stone Selection Box*10
1,000 Points Gold Box(100M Gold)*15, Upgrade Stone Selection Box*15, Selection Box*15, Rune Material Box*30, Elite Upgrade Supplement*20, Special Upgrade Supplement*10, Lv.10 Jewel Selection Box*5, Feather*100000, Trace of wind*10000, Great Life Potion*300, Great Mana Potion*300, Reforging Stone*2000, Blessed Reforging Stone*100, Luxurious Common Material Selection Box*15, Mardanos' Flame Fragment*3, Ahwel's Breath Fragment*3, Dungeon Recharging Stone Selection Box*20
2,000 Points Gold Box(100M Gold)*20, Upgrade Stone Selection Box*20, Selection Box*20, Rune Material Box*40, Elite Upgrade Supplement*30, Special Upgrade Supplement*15, Lv.11 Jewel Selection Box*5, Soft Light Feather*10000, Trace of wind*15000, Great Life Potion*500, Great Mana Potion*500, Reforging Stone*3000, Blessed Reforging Stone*150, Luxurious Common Material Selection Box*20, Mardanos' Flame Fragment*5, Ahwel's Breath Fragment*5, Dungeon Recharging Stone Selection Box*40
3,000 Points Gold Box(100M Gold)*30, Upgrade Stone Selection Box*25, Selection Box*25, Rune Material Box*50, Elite Upgrade Supplement*50, Special Upgrade Supplement*20, Lv.11 Jewel Selection Box*5, Soft Light Feather*15000, Trace of wind*20000, Great Life Potion*700, Great Mana Potion*700, Reforging Stone*4000, Blessed Reforging Stone*200, Luxurious Common Material Selection Box*25, Mardanos' Flame Fragment*8, Ahwel's Breath Fragment*8, [Battle]Dungeon Recharging Stone Selection Box*5
5,000 Points Gold Box(100M Gold)*40, Upgrade Stone Selection Box*30, Selection Box*30, Rune Material Box*70, Elite Upgrade Supplement*100, Special Upgrade Supplement*25, Lv.12 Jewel Selection Box*5, Soft Light Feather*20000, Trace of wind*25000, Great Life Potion*1000, Great Mana Potion*1000, Reforging Stone*5000, Blessed Reforging Stone*300, Luxurious Common Material Selection Box*30, Mardanos' Flame Fragment*10, Ahwel's Breath Fragment*10, [Battle]Dungeon Recharging Stone Selection Box*10
MyCard Wallet 10,000 Points Gold Box(100M Gold)*50, Upgrade Stone Selection Box*50, Selection Box*50, Rune Material Box*100, Elite Upgrade Supplement*200, Special Upgrade Supplement*30, Lv.12 Jewel Selection Box*10, Exquisite Feather*3000, Trace of wind*30000, Great Life Potion*2000, Great Mana Potion*2000, Reforging Stone*5000, Blessed Reforging Stone*500, Luxurious Common Material Selection Box*30, Mardanos' Flame Fragment*10, Ahwel's Breath Fragment*10, [Battle]Dungeon Recharging Stone Selection Box*10

Each game account can only redeem the prize of the same top up amount 1 time

Free Gift Area Prize Claim Guide
  1. Select the payment method and top up amount that you use, click on the “OK” button, then click the "Claim" button, and log in to your MyCard member account.
  2. If you used a MyCard point card to top up, please enter the MyCard point card number and password you used in the fields provided (which is marked by the red boxes in the image below) to participate in the prize event.

  3. If you are using Buy Online (online payment method) to top up, then you need to enter your mobile phone number (which you entered during the transaction process) and the MyCard Payment Number. Please go to Transaction Help to inquire the Buy Online MyCard Payment Number. After that, enter the mobile phone number (User Number) and MyCard Payment No. in the fields provided as shown in the image below to participate in the prize event.

  4. If you use Pay by MyCard Wallet to top up, please go to Member Transaction History to inquire the MyCard Payment Number. Then, enter the MyCard Payment No. in the field marked by the red box in the image below to participate in the prize event.

  5. The game item gift code from this event will be displayed directly on the website page, if you want to check the prize code again, please go to the Free Gift History .
  6. If you are not a MyCard member, please register to become a MyCard member first to login and participate in this event.
  7. Please keep well the MyCard point card number and password that can participate in this event; If the number and password are lost, it will be deemed that you have given up participating in this event, MyCard Customer Service will not provide services to find the lost MyCard Point card number and password.
Terms and Conditions
  1. The prize redemption deadline is until May 30, 2024, at 23:59 (GMT+8).
  2. If the game points or virtual items purchased have already been used or redeemed for event prizes, the transaction cannot be canceled.
  3. After the event has begun, all participating players are deemed to have agreed to the content of the announcement, event content, and event prizes delivery method. The organizer reserves the right to modify the content of the above events and prizes, and the right to modify, cancel, suspend or terminate the event and prize content at their discretion.
  4. In addition to the above description, please refer to [ Other Terms & Conditions ] for more details.

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